It’s been a busy couple of months since we opened the doors at True Fitness and it’s been emotional, exciting, challenging but ultimately rewarding. Every day’s been a school day. Here’s some of what I’ve learned on the way, in no particular order.

People talk about getting fitter and healthier a lot. Less than half of them do anything about it. The best pitch in the world won’t change someone’s mind unless they are 100% ready to get started.

Organising a Class timetable is challenging. Getting the right class at the right time on the right day is harder than it looks and constantly changing as I get more and more feedback. A nightmare if you’re a bit OCD like me and like routine.

On the flip side of that, many regular exercisers are already in a steady routine elsewhere and changing habits is a slow process.

I love to see people working hard, regardless of their fitness levels. If they tell me they had DOMS for a couple of days afterwards then I’m even happier!

My to do list is never done.

Preparation takes longer than execution, in every aspect.

My gauge of whether it’s working or not is when I see new people come along, and then come back again.

There’s a lot of cleaning involved.

Adjusting your work/life/balance takes a while. Right now I’m focussed on building a successful business that helps people get fitter and stronger, both mentally and physically. Long term I’ll need to get a lie in on the odd morning!

To be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’m experienced enough to know that it takes time for a business to grow and that even one person turning up for a class is progress in the short term.

Social media and emails take up a lot of time.

The best advertisement is word of mouth and your reputation.

There’s a lot of PTs out there, some excellent ones and others that are a liability to their clients.

You never stop learning. Every day I find out some new training tip or exercise that’s new to me.

It’s been long enough now for clients to notice a difference in their physical appearance, fitness levels and overall happiness. THAT’S what it’s all about.