Struggling to get a good nights sleep? Here’s some tips for a better kip.

Set a routine for getting up/going to bed. If you’re going to bed at different times every night then it’s no wonder that your body clock is messed up. And 7-8 hours is plenty for most of us. Any more and you won’t be tired the next day.

No caffeine after dinner time. It’s a stimulant and likely to keep you awake.

Exercise. If you’ve been sat at a desk or in front of the tv all day you might be mentally tired but physically you’ve done very little.

Keep hydrated. Studies show that poor hydration levels lead to poor sleep quality.

Reduce your alcohol intake. As above, alcohol dehydrates you leading to a restless night. Cut the booze to sleep better.

Keep your room temperature between 60 and 67 degrees which helps regulate your body temperature.

Relax before bed. Ditch the screens and read a book, listen to a podcast, take a bath/shower.

Shift workers and parents with young kids – you’ve got additional challenges to contend with but you can still pick one at a time and build new habits gradually.

Night night😴