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About Robert

I have been passionate about health and fitness ever since I was a kid. Fortunately it just came naturally to me, and I never needed much encouragement to get involved in the local football or athletics clubs. P.E was my favourite subject at school. In my teens I discovered the gym and enjoyed the focus and confidence that strength training gave me in those awkward teenage years.

I’m still a keen runner and have competed up to national level in every distance from sprints to Marathon and Cross Country as well as field events. There’s barely a sport that I haven’t tried over the last 40 years and I’m always up for a fresh challenge!

In the 90s, Personal Training wasn’t a career option, so I ended up in retail management, running my own business for over 25 years, during which time I juggled the demands of a company of 40+ staff with the small matter of married life and raising three boys.

After leaving retail in my mid 40s, I had a vision to create a private gym with an emphasis on the individual rather than a faceless, number driven commercial facility, and in 2018 I opened True Fitness.

As a coach, I don’t enforce strict rules around food and exercise. I’ll encourage you to include whatever foods you enjoy and choose exercises that you like (most of the time!) but at all times keeping in mind your goals and how best to achieve them.

I am a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Instructor, Coach In Running Fitness (CiRF) and Qualified Assessor (qualified to train, assess and certify new PTs) which has given me a broad range of knowledge involving many training aspects. As part of my personal development I am always learning and have undertaken numerous other courses to broaden my knowledge on subjects such as nutrition and the menopause. Time Management, preparation, planning and communication are also valuable skills that I’ve learned over the years.

Complete beginner to elite level athlete, working parent to retired grandparent, I take great pride in helping others improve, whatever their goals.

About you

I’m here to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, complete a Marathon or simply to feel healthier and more energized in your day to day life.

We’ll cut through the jargon and myths that lead to confusion and help you follow nutrition and exercise plans with ease, learning as you go.

1:1 Personal Training sessions offer you the chance to reach your goals more effectively and maintain them through learning the correct training techniques and providing you with healthy lifestyle guidance.

Every client is different and the initial consultation with each one of you will determine the plans we make based on you as an individual. This is the key to successfully achieving and maintaining your goals.

I need to start by telling you about my relationship with the gym. Long story short…..it was an on/off relationship. Since starting at True Fitness I have never missed a session. In fact, I have seen myself at the gym twice in one day. The main reason is Robert. He is a cracking trainer who makes you feel comfortable about exercising but pushes you hard to be the best.

Personally I am fitter than I have ever been and tried exercises I never thought I would or could do. I can run 5k comfortably and presently my Deadlift PB is 95kg. True Fitness is the best gym I have ever been to.