I’ve never seen so many people out walking, running and cycling in my life. Apart from races but they don’t count😉

Maybe it’s temporary or just maybe some of you will keep this going when we exit lockdown.

When we don’t have equipment or facilities to train then we often go back to basics, and as a “free” sport, running is often a very popular choice.

But as with all sports, even it is only a jog, a few words of advice if it’s your first run in a wee while.

Build up the miles slowly. Don’t suddenly jump up off the couch and decide you’re doing 30 miles this week. Let your body adjust.

Ideally wear trainers that offer a bit of support and are designed for running, not fashion trainers!

It’s been fairly warm recently so hydrate well and ideally avoid the middle of the day if you’re going to be out for more than half an hour. It’s much more pleasant running early/late, plus it’s usually a bit quieter.

Think about HOW you run. Yes, one foot in front of the other but if you focus on good form you’re far less likely to injure yourself. Land mid foot (not on the heels), arms driving by your sides (not swinging across the body), keep fairly upright (not slouching forward). That’s your basics.

And most importantly, enjoy it! For us runners this is probably the most pleasant time of year to be training. February/March were freezing, wet and windy🥶

If you’ve caught the running bug and you’re looking for any running advice then give me a shout. As a qualified running coach and professional jogger I’m happy to help😊